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Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park

June 7, 2019

Ten minutes whilst wait between local bus and InterCity bus to Larnaca, time for a brief walk through the Sculpture Park.

Each time I visit I notice new pieces.

Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park

May 27, 2019

Fifteen minutes wait whilst change from local bus to InterCity bus.

Time for a brief walk through Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park.

A couple of brain-dead pig-ignorant Russian tourists who think OK to climb onto sculptures for selfies. When told to get off, they ask why. When they refused I offered to call the police.

Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park

May 23, 2019

En route to Larnaca, fifteen minutes to spare whilst waiting for InterCity bus, time for a brief wander around the International Sculpture Park.

Very very hot. So hot, my phone hot in my hand.

I noticed additions since my last visit.

Located on a hillside overlooking the sea.

Soho Coffee House Berlin

May 10, 2019

It is not every coffee shop walk in and find a Damien Hirst on the wall.

What is next noticed is the vast open space various stalls. Clothes, music, books, and coffee and food.

Coffee was excellent, as was the food.

I had my eye on a cake, but had gone when I tried again.

The magazines on offer, some interesting, too many glossy trash. I suggested a few titles they may wish to stock, Standart, Drift, Om Nom, Caboodle.

Easter in Sheffield

April 17, 2019

Easter very late this year, very warm and sunny.

Last weekend, Palm Sunday, cold and wintry. Today warm and sunny. By the weekend, Easter Weekend, maybe 25C.

A detour to Sheffield BID outside the Winter Garden.

Sheffield BID a breath of fresh air compared with Experience Guildford or Lincoln BIG. They have a shop, are helpful, actually interact with public.

I picked up a couple of guides to indie scene oin Sheffield.

They also kindly gsvr mea msap snf pitrf my in the direction for Union St.

I walked through the Winter Garden.

An amazing open covered space, claimed to be the largest covered glass space in a city centre.

Very disappointed at Union St. Third time unlucky, previous occasions Taiwanese pop up finished serving, today not there. The Friday guy, wraps, only not wraps, ….

…. Italaion junk food. Not good.

Again directions, this timer for Upshot. I would have taken a bus, but possible to walk.

I looked in on Tamper Westfield Terrace, carried on, past Sheffield University and found Upshot.

Disappointed Sam head barista and owner not there.

Guest coffees. Today Maude and Girls who Grind. On sale Standart, which is useful to know.

Reading materiel Standart, Route 57 and Coffee Shop North.

Route 57 is an anthologuyo of essasy, poetry and art from staff and students at Sheffeild Universtty.

It is exceelngt when coffee shops suport local publication.

Kiosk in York often has local publications.

I was pleased I was also able to find latest isse of Now Then as s far little luck.

Cappuccino, a Brazilian blend from Girls who Grind.

I caught abud No 120 on the way, alighted stop begore ewsfiled Terrace and caught Tamper WEsfiled Terrace before they closed. They clsoe at four, though on the door it says 4[-3p0.

— to be continued —

Dark Mountain Terra book launch at Baldwin Gallery

November 22, 2018

Dark Mountain Terra book launch at Baldwin Gallery, a trek out to south east London, a nightmare to find.

Before setting off, I ask of the Baldwin Gallery, a fee, need to book, how to find?

Sadly clueless on the use of social media. No reply, by the time I do eventually receive a reply, too late, but they did have the courtesy to apologise.

  • broadcast —> one to many
  • social —> interaction
  • network – many to many

Social media is not broadcast, the clue is in the name, social network.

Train from Charing Cross to Dartford, alight at Lee.

Can I find Baldwin Gallery, no.

When in the vicinity and unable to find, I ask a passing local. No he has never heard of.

I pass by and find myself in Greenwich. I retrace my steps.

I find the venue, Baldwin Gallery, eventually.

I expect to find no one there, I am surprised to find quite a few have turned up, maybe twenty or more.

The original concept of Dark Mountain, thought provoking essays and short stories, art and poetry, was excellent. I was happy to support. But the reality, incomprehensible writing badly written, very little worth reading, the art badly reproduced. And then to be insulted with a poor quality paperback when had subscribed to what Dark Mountain describe as ‘Each issue takes the form of a beautifully-produced hardback.’

The evening was reading from Terra.

Nothing more boring than reading what has been written, I can do that myself. Public reading of poetry a different matter, it is meant to be read out loud. Far more interesting is for the contributors to talk about the subject they have written about.

Reading of a short story, a postman posted to back of beyond, I must have missed something, as the end was back at the beginning.

Reading of two essays, a native Indian massacre, the struggle of Palestinians, deserved deeper exploration, which would have been been possible had the contributors discussed their contribution not read from it. Worse still, it was a waste of there being present.

One of the criticisms of Dark Mountain, apart from too much pretentious badly written incomprehensible drivel, is the typeface, too small, not easy to read.

What was Terra?

I thought next volume, but when I saw a tiny slim volume, I thought no, must be a supplementary book, especially when I learnt this was the second book launch.

The topic was travel, a sense of place, how we interact with the landscape, how the landscape interacts with us.

Terra is the next volume, the typeface microscopic, needing a magnifying glass to read.

Copies of Terra were on sale. I did not see any sold. Nor did I see early volumes of Dark Mountain on sale.

At £20 for a slim volume, too pricey, especially when paid for by subscription, unlike most publications which go from publication to remainder to pulp.

It was only later when I checked the Dark Mountain website I learnt why no other volumes on sale, all sold out. Only available as a pdf file. I would recommend upload to leanpub and have in an e-format that flows as is more suited to reading on a tablet or e-reader or smartphone than pdf, though pdf would still be a format to select from.

Interesting exhibits at the Baldwin Gallery, strong Mexican influence, or at least Cenrtral America.

Ari Metallari

October 27, 2018

Artist Ari Metallari exhibits his art and work in progress on the autonomous street market in Apostolou Pavlou.

I was struck by the portraits of people walking. Incredible sense of movement when look at these paintings.


Elektra Kefala Odyssei Art

October 27, 2018

Elektra Kefala Odessei Art designs small sailing boasts made from driftwood.

Elektra told me she was one of the few people who has done OK out of the crisis.

The crisis forced hr to quit her job as graphics designer and work as a designer. A year on, the company she worked for has since gone bust.

Follow her dreams.

In The Alchemist a baker, not only did he not follow his dreams he has forgotten he once had dreams.

Elektra can be found weekends on the autonomous market in Apostolou Pavlou, with views of The Acropolis,  a pleasant walk.


Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park revisited

October 9, 2018

I just miss a bus to Ayia Napa, twenty minutes wait for next bus. 

Connect with Inter City bus at Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park. No time for other than cursory exploration, but at least on my second visit explore different area to previous visit. 

— to be continued —-

Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park

October 3, 2018

Culture and Ayia Napa are not two words that easily sit side by side.

I have passed by Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park in the past, but never visited.

Today I decided whilst changing bus from local bus to Intercity bus I would time permitting explore the sculpture park.

It needs an hour or more to do the park justice, I had far less, and thus only explored a small part of the park.

Surreal, set on a rocky hillside looking out to sea.

I was reminding of Easter Island, though not all the statues are looking out to sea. Maybe an omen. Wander into Ayia Napa and witness the collapse of civilization at first hand.

Brain-dead Russians sitting on the sculptures for photos of themselves. I ordered them off.

There seemed to be no rhyme nor reason to the sculptures. Random sculptures on a rocky hillside.

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