HoReCa day two

HoReCa hotel restaurant cafe

I was warned weekend was bad. Metro Syntagma to airport, the train enpriod and everyone piled on the coach for HoReCa.

The halls were packed.

I divided my time between SCA Greek semi final barista and Hall 2 catering equipment.

A computer controlled oven. Digital readout of the temperate. Open the door and the temperature drops, the oven automatically adjusts the cooking time to compensate.

I tried sea bream with rice. It was excellent.

Later a pizza cooked in a large pizza oven, two minutes at 360C. What was interesting, the dough not rolled. A heavy press, first flour pressed , then the dough, a perfect pizza base. I asked the guy, a world championship pizza maker. He said rolling the dough squeezed out the air. Bad. I tried the pizza. Excellent. In another league to pizza I have ever tried before.

Millennium Expo only one toilet in each hall. Long queues. Not acceptable.

On my way there, I bought a ticket, 10+1 trips €12. In my return, the ticket blank. On my way out the machine issued three tickets.

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