Guildford farmers market

This morning, seven in the morning, thick pea soup fog. By midday brilliant sunshine.

Cappuccino in Koja.

Not my day. Miss by a couple of minutes train to Guildford.

On leaving Koja, where are my glasses? At the station where I stopped to buy a ticket. On the train?

Sickening. Half the stalls displaying the Great Taste Award scam.

If see award winning. If Great Taste Award, meaningless.

Lunch at Hanki. Only closed. Not open until five.

Coffee at Krema.

Late lunch at Krema.

Bitterly cold.

Ask at station. No luck. No glasses.

Miss my train.

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One Response to “Guildford farmers market”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    Ohh dear day sounds an absolute disaster. I meanwhile did a lovely walk in the sun between Bordon and East Worldham.

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