Koja in-house coffee shop New House Gallery Art Space

Once upon a time there was a coffee shop Turn Fit Deli in Chapel Street that was the number one coffee shop in Guildford, great coffee , great atmosphere. It was taken over by Surrey Hills Coffee, who destroyed it overnight. It was no surprise when it closed, the only surprise it had not closed sooner.

Only it had not closed, it had relocated to Jeffries Passage. Always empty, never saw the same staff twice.

Then a change of tack, sublet as a coffee shop, great businesses opportunity, buy our coffee. Only the lease did not permit sub-let.

One day the poor guy, having put in the effort to turn around the businesses, found himself out on the street. With the help of friends managed to rescue what he had in the shop.

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, has reinvented itself as the in-house coffee shop for New House Gallery Art Space.

The rubbish Surrey Hills Coffee has been jettisoned now a choice of guest coffee.

My initial thoughts a dumb location, the only clientele struggling artists. I will turn my initial thoughts on its head. As an in-house coffee shop they provide a base line customer base. It is now down to word of mouth as no passing footfall and not easy accessible.

There are steps leading from Bridge Street but a locked gate blocks access. This is a fire risk. If there was a fire at the front off the building the only escape route is blocked.

The easiest way to access is from the foot bridge leading from Guildford Station over the River Wey. Even then not obvious.

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