Criminals targeting tourists on Metro between Airport and Syntagma

A few stops after Athens Airport, a group of what at first glance looked like workmen at the end of the day boarded the Metro. They are not, they were criminals look for a victim.

They separated and behaved as though did not know each other. Watch closely, communicating with each other by eye movements and facial expressions.

One guy with luggage and a guitar got up to leave the train. One of the group helped him with his luggage. As one, they moved to block the door.

I watched closely. I did not see them steal anything.

Had the man got off at Syntagma, I would have asked him to check, anything missing.

Before I alighted Syntagma, I warned a female passenger. She warned me to be careful.

Criminals alighted Syntagma. I knew I was safe there. Too many people around

Criminals are targeting arrivals from the airport. Tired, hands full.

Why is there no security patrolling this train? Why no CCTV?

I changed at Syntagma for Acropoli. Usually at Acropoli, there are police. No police. Maybe only in the daytime

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