Notes King’s Cross

Arriving at King’s Cross Station, a pleasant evening.  Instead of descending into the bowels of the London Underground, I decided to go for a wander in search of Notes coffee  shop.

But first I checked with a stall holder closing up at the street food market outside King’s Cross Station.

Nearby and open until ten pm.

The back of King’s Cross Station used to be rough, very rough, an area for travellers to avoid.

I found night life, a trendy area.  People sat outside. It was as though late August not late September.

I almost gave up, turned around to return to King’s Cross Station, and found myself facing Notes.

A very trendy coffee shop.  More like Athens than London.

I asked, if I bought a bag of coffee beans would I receive a free coffee? Yes. Always worth asking.

My coffee reasonable but not great.

While I was leaving, I noticed filter coffee, free samples. I tried both. One I was very impressed by. I was going to change my purchase, but then decided I would have both. The girl was surprised as the coffee had been sitting for hours. Er, should refresh every hour.

The girls were very pleasant and helpful, but not baristas. Lack of knowledge of coffee. A shame when Notes has an excellent reputation as a roastery. Maybe knowledgeable baristas during the day when they function as a coffee shop, night morphs inti cocktails and food.

A brief chat with the guy making the cocktails appears to be using quality ingredients, which is more than can be said of most bars. On reflection I should have tried an espresso martini.

Food being served looked good too.

If passing through King’s Cross with time to spare, worth a detour to Notes.

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