Calls for CEO of Guildford BID to resign

Calls have been made for Amanda Masters, CEO of Experience Guildford, to resign.

Let’s look at her -succes’ stories.

A couple of years ago sand was dumped in the centre of Guildford to create a beach replete with beach huts alongside the River Wey.

End of last year, empty shops had their windows flyposted to er highlight they were empty.

This summer a series of events. It would be an understemdnt to day thsr were not well attended.

Two weeks ago, an awards ceremony for the rigged Consumer Service Awards. Two hundred or more attended, drinks flowed like water all night. One attendee said they had never in their life seen so much Prosecco.

How much this cost ? That was what one local business wished to know who had decided enough was enough.

He asked Amanda Masters CEO Experience Guildford.

Her response, not only a point blank refusal to provide the information, but to claim she had been advised not to.

This begs the question, who had advised , or was she lying.

A second request not only for the information but also who is avising her to I struct free quests for information?

There is now a call for her to resign. If she is not accountsbks to businesses within the defined BID biundary rgen to whi is she accountable?

If Amanda Masters refuses to resign she should be fired. If the board refuses to fire her, the board should be removed.

Amanda Masters highlights why we need an inquiry into BIDs and a regulator.

Guildford has a BID Ballot in October. Local Businesses should Vote No. 👗

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