Ukraine Independence Day

Walk from Mary le Wigford Church through the High Street up Steep Hill to Lincoln Cathedral to mark Ukraine Independence Day and six months since war criminal Mafiosi thug Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine.

After walking up Steep Hill, a pause in Castle Square to gather everyone together, then through Exchequer Gate to Lincoln Cathedral.

Form a circle. A line of tiny shoes with a white balloon attached. A mother and a child walked through, one at a time, released the balloons, then picked up the shoes, and carried on walking. The act was a symbol of innocent lives lost, Vladimir Putin’s war crimes.

Exactly six months since Putin attacked Ukraine.

In Kiev, Independence Day marked with captured Russian tanks. Not quite the military parade Putin planned.

War criminal Vladimir Putin marked the day by launching a rocket attack on a railway station, deliberately targeting civilians.

Across Russia and in occupied Ukraine, Crimea and Donbas, loudspeakers were hacked.

And back in the UK, Army musicians marked Ukraine Independence Day.

… to be continued ….

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