Afternoon in Lincoln

Another hot day, but not 30C.

Chain Mexican eatery, last Friday long queue, free food. Today a queue, no free food.  The seating outside an obstruction and an eyesore.

River Witham stagnant. Looking down, what I thought was pondweed, maybe not, leaves look too large. What is weird, the very slight movement of the surface, is upstream. That was the far bank, on the other hand the near bank a very slight surface movement downstream. Maybe aboat has passed through and set up little eddies.

Walk & Ride to Lincoln Cathedral.

Tour bus parks on paving slabs. As I alight from Walk & Ride narrowly miss being run down by a delivery van trying to squeeze between the two. Walking through to Castle Hill, I mention to a couple of workmen repairing the footpath.

My advice to any visitors to Lincoln, do not waste money on the tour bus rip-off. Walk up the High Street, through The Stonebow, catch the Walk & Ride, alight at Lincoln Cathedral, walk back down Steep Hill. You will then see historic Lincoln, which you will not see from the tour bus.

The importance of trees. Visitors in the Castle grounds sat under the shade of the trees.

Ole Olé for lunch. Mid-week, a queue to get in Last week, busy, maybe half full.

Was there a coach party? Staff say no, twenty minutes ago quiet, then a mad rush of people.

Was I to have creamy mushrooms or meatballs in tomato sauce. My eye was caught by the specials. Slow roast belly pork.

A long time coming. Maybe because it’s busy, maybe because I ordered a special.

Worth the wait, excellent.

I walk to Nonna Joana Deli. Closing early. I wish they had a twitter account, can then let people know the fresh pasta. No focaccia bread. Mushroom ravioli, cold soup (not gazpacho), panna cotta.

Walk to Bailgate.

Weather forecast, rain at four o’clock onward. On cue, it rains. By the time I reach Castle Hill, large drops.

I walk down Steep Hill getting wet.

Detour to Slow Rise, have a beer. Whilst I am there, torrential rain.

Walking down the High Street, a stream flowing down the High Street. A stream. No drains.

I get as far as Madame Waffle, paper carrier bag disintegrates. What to do? Luckily a lady pops out of TGI Fridays and hands me another paper carrier bag.

I pop in M&S. I rarely visit, I cannot stand the piss poor service. Each visit it gets worse. No tills manned, forced to use self service. Whilst packing, harassed by a woman to get out.

Outside the Coop near Central Bus Station, sand bags. They expect to be flooded.

Torrential rain, on and off all evening and through the night.

Market Rasen flooded, Louth flooded. Two months of rain fell in Market Rasen within a couple of hours.

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