Bury Beyond Parody Food and Drinks Festival promotion

Post a  picture of a dish at your favourite restaurant, win a £50 gift voucher that few businesses accept.

Only it is rigged. If Bury St Edmunds BID do not like you, they block from posting a picture. Not that would win if were able to post a picture.

If find somewhere where you can spend a pound, does one get forty-nine pounds in real money in change from use of the voucher?

Bury St Edmunds is the foodie capital of er, Bury St Edmunds. We know it must be true as Bury Beyond Parody tells us it is so.

To prove the point, a trip around the world, places to eat in Bury St Edmunds (well actually two countries in Europe).

🇫🇷 French

  • Côte Brasserie
  • Maison Bleue – Bury St Edmunds

🇮🇹 Italian

  • Rustico Bury St Edmunds
  • Carluccio’s
  • DOUGH&co Woodfired Pizza
  • PizzaExpress

One comment on the facebook post raises missed out Prezzo. Maybe they were taking the piss.

It is embarrassing. Is this the best Bury Beyond Parody can do with the money they extort from local businesses? Why would anyone wish to visit Bury St Edmunds for the same corporate chain eateries found anywhere and everywhere?

The only surprise, the restaurant belonging to the chair of Bury BID not given a plug.

If this is meant to attract visitors to Bury St Edmunds for a Food and Drinks Festival, it has failed miserably.

If I wanted Pizza

  • Home Slice — Covent Garden
  • Slow Rise — Lincoln
  • Dough LoCo — Lincoln

If I wanted tapas

  • Ole Ole — Lincoln

A recent Which survey ranked York as the best town to visit for a short break. Why?

Cobbled alleys, medieval stained glass windows and a mixture of independent shops and restaurants are just some of the reasons why York has been ranked as the best city for a short break. Not to dine out in the same chain eateries to be found anywhere and everywhere.

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