Lincoln farmers market

Yesterday, sunny 30C. What a difference a day makes. Today, cool, raining …

i arrive in Lincoln, it starts to rain.

Animal rights demo Sincil Street. Clowns further up the street

Whilst waiting for Walk and Ride, Just eat serf illigally parks car, leaves car to wal to Greggs to pick up a delivery, then back to the car

When is there going to be enforcement?

No raw milk on cheese stall. I return later, Lincolnshire Poacher cheese and very expensive creme fraiche from Neal’s Yard.

Fish stall had a good choice.I pick up crab, prawns, salmon.

From one stall a butternut squash plant.

Strawberry stall, strawberries.

Many stalls had not turned up.

Elite on the Bail packed. My fish n chips not good. I do not know what is happening, but there has been a slow deteriorating over several weeks. Depressing as this was an excellent fish n chip shop.

Walk down Steep Hill. Raining.

Look in Steep Hill Wines. Sussex designation nonsense. The protected status should be North Downs and South Downs. It is the soul and climate that are important. Wine from Brighton, Sussex.

English wine designation. There is no such designation.

Cappucino at Coffee Aroma. Too cold to sit outside.

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