Coffee advisor at Nespresso

Is this meant to be a joke? And not even the First of April.

Want to buy a machine? Internally all our machines are the same. All you are paying for is external appearance and attachment of gadgets and gizmos. Therefore if thinking of buying a machine, buy the cheapest at less than a hundred euros.

If thinking of buying a machine go for an Opal One, a superior machine at roughly double the price of the cheapest Nespresso machine. If want to splash out go for a Morning machine, roughly double the price again.

No, you are not joining an exclusive club with George Clooney.

If care about the environment, bear in mind that our capsules are composite materials, not easy to recycle, and will end up in landfill or incineration.

If you love coffee, and who doesn’t, there are independent roasteries with excellent coffee in capsules. An added bonus their capsules are aluminium or compostable, therefore not bad for the environment.  Compostable drop on the compost heap. Aluminium obtain a gadget to extract the spent coffee grounds, stack the empty capsules and drop in the recycling bin, the spent coffee grounds scatter on the garden or on the compost heap.

Our coffee advisor, yes he should be paid extra for working Sundays. But let us hope he provides worthwhile advice.

Nespresso is owned by Nestlé. Nestlé trading in Russia, complicit in Putin’s war crimes. Ukraine has asked boycott all companies trading in Russia.

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