Slow-roast belly pork with kraut and dried fruit

Dinner for Ukraine, dinner with Jamie Oliver on Maundy Thursday a couple of weeks ago, a fund raiser for Cook for Ukraine, the main dish was slow-roast belly pork. It was amazing, as were all the other dishes.

Dare I try to cook this dish? I will give it a try.

A piece of belly pork from Redhill farm shop.

The night before, prepare a spice mix with which to coat the pork, mix in a bowl, then apply.

  • rapeseed oil (or olive oil)
  • salt
  • two garlic cloves
  • red wine vinegar (cider vinegar)
  • Cyprus honey

Leave for about an hour at room temperature, then pop in the fridge overnight.

The belly-pork raised atop carrots and a celery stick.

Take out of fridge, leave for an hour to reach room temperature. Fan oven 180C for 15-20 minutes. An hour 140C.

  • saurkraut
  • small onion
  • dried apricots
  • dates (or prunes)
  • two small apples
  • roasted ground caroway seeds
  • roasted ground coriander seeds
  • rossted ground fennel seeds (or fennel leaves)

In a frying pan,hot oil, sliced onion until brown, add saurkraut, dates and apricots, roasted ground caroway seeds and coriander seeds, then add sliced apples and fennel leaves.

Remove roast belly pork from baking tin. Tip in contents of frying pan. Nestle belly pork on top of the kraut and dried fruit. Fan oven 140C for two hours.


Accompanied by red wine from Moldova.

Slow roast pork with kraut and dried fruit from Summer Kitchens. Was this what we were served at Dinner for Ukraine I do not know.

i made a few minor changes from Summer Kitchens.

Lacking a rack I used a carrot slit lengthwise and a couple of sticks of celery. These were pushed to the side when tray filled with kraut and dried fruit.

Seeds toasted for a couple of minutes in a dry pan, tipped onto a plate, crushed with the back of a spoon, to be added back later.

No fennel seeds, used fennel leaves.

Dates used instead of prunes.

For spice rub did not use French mustard. Used red wine vinegar not cider vinegar.

Saurkraut with carrot.

i added boiling water to the baking tray, back in the hot oven, turned off, cooling down. This was to help clean the pan. Then a thought. Stock. Emptied into a peanut butter jar. Maybe use with beetroot soup.

Plenty of roast belly pork left over. Put on windowsill to cool, then into fridge, to be eaten cold another day. Olia Hercules suggests in a brioche bun with watercress.

Summer Kitchens a recipe for pampushky stuffed with slow-roast belly pork.

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