Cold misty afternoon Nottingham

Foggy before dawn. Later, Lincoln Cathedral shrouded in mist.

Nottingham, cold and damp, not a pleasant day.

Walking through Broadmarsh Tunnel, Deliveroo serf actually wheeling an electric cycle, but did get on and ride once through the tunnel, even though a pedestrianised street.

I thought I would eat at Coco Tang. It was packed, I wandered off to Kigali, retumed mid-afternoon, now empty.

I ordered Pho, a Vietnamese soup of slivers of beef and noodles, accompanied by a side dish of red hot chili peppers and bean sprouts and a couple of green leaves. Only when my empty soup bowl was taken away, did the waitress tell me that what I thought was a side dish was to be added to my bowl of soup. £10-50 for a bowl of soup, albeit a very large bowl of soup.

I ordered a cappuccino, ok but nothing to shout about or go out of my way for. And yet previous week excellent.

To add insult to injury, 10% service charge sneaked onto my bill.

Walking to the station, cloud breaking up and the sun coming out.

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