Hotel Chocolat Nottingham

Hotel Chocolat a corporate chain, overpackaging and obscene use of plastic.

Some time in the summer Hotel Chocolat introduced Nespresso pods.

The best that can be said, better than Nespresso, marginally better than offering in supermarkets, but not worth wasting money on.

The pods are made of aluminium, can be recycled with a gadget from Hotel Chocolat or Lakeland to first extract the spent coffee grounds.

A couple of weeks ago, Hotel Chocolat introduced their version of a Nespresso machine.

I looked in Hotel Chocolat Nottingham hoping would have in stock, on display, in use, or at least could tell me something about.

Member of staff knew nothing, called over his manager who was little better.

He could tell me the price, £180, but little else, other than manufactured by Dualit, which means low quality domestic machine. Is this a Lakeland machine rebadged?

Why buy when can buy cheapest Nespresso machine for around £60, certainly less than £100? An Opal One at around £120. Why pay three times the price of a Nespresso machine?

He did not know, other than to tell me if I bought on-line, limited time offer, came with a bundle of their capsules.

He then fed me bullshit, Nespresso quality coffee, a matter of opinion if say otherwise. No, it is cheap vile unpleasant tasting coffee. It never helps other than to make oneself look stupid, to feed bullshit to someone who knows about coffee.

If have a Nespresso machine, buy third party capsules from reputable coffee roasteries, and if do not have a Nespresso machine, buy an Opal One.

Hotel Chocolat now all things to all men, chocolate, alcohol, ice cream and now coffee.

If wish to buy coffee, at least three excellent coffee shops in Nottingham

  • Cartwheel Coffee
  • Specialty Coffee
  • Kigali

If wish to buy chocolate, there is only one place for cholate in Nottingham, Luisa’s in Sneinton Market, bean-to-bar high quality craft chocolate.

And as for the ugly coffee cups. Look in Kigali for a choice of coffee cups, elegant design, and the correct size.

The capsules cannot be selling. Boxing Day Sale on Baristas Selection, almost half price. Does it include bars of chocolate? Or, not in the Sale, The Tasting Selection, which is cheaper. Confused? Me too.

Beginning of January, their Nespresso clone machine half price.

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