Pick A Bap

Pick A Bap, a Korean restaurant in a grotty shopping centre.

Pick a Bap opened a couple of years ago. It was not good then. Had it improved? Yesterday I paid a visit, ordered some food, in many ways surprised it was still open.

It was empty when I walked in. The shopping centre in which it is located, deserted, many empty units.

I asked of what was sitting in the tins, sitting for how long I hate to think. It was mid-afternoon. From ther look of the contents I guess all day.

A sign says all need to know, Food Prepared Fresh Daily. Bread fresh each day yes, food no, I want cooked fresh.

Asked to tell me what the food was, they refused.

I pointed at one dish, spicy chicken. Yes, with rice please.

It was not good, a fair description would be to say disgusting.

I asked for water. They refused, pointed to a chiller cabinet with bottled water.

Awful music blaring out.

Plastic utensils. Wooden chopsticks loose in a box.

Covid biosecurity non-existent: No hand sanitiser as I walked in, or on tables. Staff not wearing masks. On leaving I used hand sanitiser outside the barber shop next door (it too was empty).

Compared with a couple of years ago when it opened, it was no surprise I was their only customer, it was not good then, if anything, has got worse. Food and service poor.

I cannot compare with food in Korea, but compared with Korean street food in Berlin, two Korean restaurants in Guildford, it compares very unfavourably.

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