Cold miserable afternoon Farnborough

A sprinkling of snow on the ground in the morning. Not as cold as last few days, maybe absence of cold north wind

Luckily I saw a bus coming down the road. Most of the passengers wearing masks, a handful not. Students Farnborough Tech board bus, half not wearing masks.

Early afternoon Farnborough dead, street deserted, shopping centre deserted.

I had wished to visit a coffee shop cum sandwich shop Philly’s Coffee and Sandwiches but not in the centre. Maybe try another day.

Late lunch at a Korean place Pick A Bap. I tried when it opened a couple of years ago. It was not good then, if anything, has got worse. Food and service poor. Food disgusting. Chicken and rice not good. A sign says all need to know, Food Prepared Fresh Daily. Bread fresh each day, food no, I want cooked fresh. Food in metal boxes, probably been siting there all day. Asked to tell me what the food was, they refused. Asked for a glass of water, refused, pointed to a chiller counter where bottled water on sale. Awful music blaring out. Covid biosecurity non-existent. No hand sanitiser as I walked in, or on tables. Staff not wearing masks. No surprise I was the only customer. On leaving I used hand sanitiser outside the barber shop next door (it too was empty).

I thought maybe a coffee in a coffee in the town centre. Closed.

A tacky Christmas market of a couple of stalls, tat and disgusting German sausages.

Grotty shopping centre mainly empty units.

I expected the main street to be empty shops. Surprisingly not, but now sunk to the level of Aldershot, large number of dhsgusting junk food outlets.

Fish n chip shop has gone. The only surprise not closed years ago. Always empty, fish n chips disgusting, fish never fresh.

Worth a visit? Most definitely not.

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