The Roosters

A new contemporary design coffee shop and roastery in Peristeri, sister coffee shop of Mind the Cup.

Ethiopian served as espresso, complex flavour notes.

Beans and capsules on sale.

Capsules plastic which is not good. Only ok if biodegradable. Need to move to biodegradable or aluminioum capsules.

The capusles on sale in box of ten or presention box of twenty. One Christmas present solved.

On the counter three different pour over methods, gem, V60 or origami.

I was introduced to owner Christos, who owns Mind the Cup.

Roosters were at the Limassol Coffee Festival on the La Marzocco stand where the rotatad different roasteries every hour, though I did not see.

I learnt we have mtural aquantanticies in Nicosia. Brew Lab, Kollabortative,

I recommend coffee shops in Larnaca, The Third Room, Koffea, Paul’s Coffee Roasters and Nick’s Coffee Bike.

— to be continued —

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