Afternoon and evening in Protaras

I visited a barber on Monday only to find closed. I had thought Thursday, but Public Holiday. Tried again today only to find closed early.

Surprised to find many businesses closed. I thought they would at least remain open until the weekend.

Not a normal season. Very busy for October. But this week has been quiet.

Feeling hungry. Decide to remain in Protaras for the evening and eat early.

Andama Taverna empty when I walk in, packed half way through my meal. Tomato soup followed by pork chop accompanied by red wine. For once pork chop not tough. A complimentary drink when I ask for my bill but no idea what it is and they will not tell.

Coffee shop middle of Protaras closed. No surprise, always empty and the coffee not good. I will be very surprised if reopens or at least not as a coffee shop. Probably reopen as a shop selling tourist tat, joining all the other shops selling tourist tat to a shrinking market.

Cappuccino at patisserie Amelia. LavAzza, not good. My ice cream ok.

… to be continued— .

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