Yummy India chickpea masala

Initial impression dirty. It is not but gives the impression of being dirty.

I have eaten before and it was not good.

Tonight my chickpea masala was disgusting and that is being generous.

Chickpeas cooked to fuck, soggy, covered in God knows what disgusting gunk. The white rice tasteless

I thought of the reaction of Gordon Ramsay. I was too polite. I was though sorely tempted.

I left my meal barely touched. That should have told the waiters something wrong. Can we offer you something else? Not a murmur. They don’t care.

I have cooked a far superior tasty similar dish, Sri Lankan golden masala curry and mine was a far better dish.

A nearby table a couple smoking. Hawkers and beggars walking in to tables. Not good.

I only ate Yummy India because neighbouring Greek restaurant claimed to be fully booked. It was empty. When I walked by later, not even half full. Very annoying.

I am at a loss how Yummy India remains in business. It would not survive more than a few months in England.

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