Ayia Napa Medieval Festival

Parade followed by concert, in the square Medieval stalls.

Running order for the performers was different to Tuesday with shorter time slots. This was to make way for a longer convert after a brief interval.

lighting problems and sound quality improved since Tuesday, though one performance still lit by a screen which blinded spectators.

But and a very big but, why were performers in front of the stage where could not be seen?

Disappointed short performance by fire dancers and Venetians as they stole the show on Tuesday.

Performance by Spiritual Seasons from Ukraine incredible especially female vocalist. The performance was filmed. Please release on YouTube and Vimeo, hopefully was tapped into sound desk. CDs were on sale at the coffee stall. A pity no members were present to sign and to explain which CDs were most typical of the night’s performance.

Coffee served Greek coffee brewed in the traditional way. I tried. Weak and insipid and watery. Not as I expected, strong, bitter with half a cup sludge.

Stalls included olive oil, honey, olive wood carved, knives, blacksmith.

— to be continued—

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