Electric Cycle Cafe

I called at Coffee Gems, the only coffee roastery worth knowing about in Surrey.

Then on to the coffee shop Electric Cycle Cafe that has taken over what was Krema in Downing Street.

Poorly named, as not a café, a coffee shop serving specialty coffee.

A speciality coffee shop selling electric cycles or a cycle shop serving speciality coffee. Take your pick.

I arrived as they were about to close.

Interesting to see what they have done with what was Krema. As far as a could see, the same equipment, the counter the same wood and marble top, the wood itself was reclaimed. Far more room, before very cramped, most of the tables have gone (gone where?), and maybe a third of the space electric cycles on display. The other big difference, the coffee from local coffee roastery Coffee Gems, not Horsham Coffee in Sussex.

It tried a cappuccino. So-so, not bad, not good. But at least not the cardinal sin, chocolate was not dumped on top.

I then tried an expresso. For me too harsh, nor did it look great. We tried a little experiment, changed the grind size, which also changes the extraction time. I could not believe the difference. I now had an excellent expresso, that brought out the subtleties of the tasting notes. I cannot recall the grind settings or the extraction time, but I think we went finer, which would have given a longer extraction time, but I may be wrong and stand corrected. Sadly I did not note the coffee used.

A limited range of coffee on sale. For a greater range visit Coffee Gems. Not far, maybe ten minutes walk.

Ask for directions. I would suggest walk around Downing Street against the traffic flow, cross the road into Gostrey Meadow, walk through Gostrey Meadow, cross the road, walk along the River Wey downstream, out by the Sports Centre, follow the one way system contrary to the traffic flow, down Dogflud Way, to Coffee Gems at the end on the right.

A limited range of food on sale, less than when Krema.

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