Lincoln High Street junk food traveling circus

I thought Lincoln had been spared this disgusting travesty of street food but sadly not, a travelling circus of disgusting junk food.

The firts thing I noticed was a massive generative belching out toxic choking fumes. Noisy and not the only one.

This area better part of a year dug up and new paving laid. Why not at the same time install three-phase power for stalls?

The only stall of quality a stall selling vodka . I felt sorry forvtge guy, he was not on a quality market and had travelled all the way from Manchester. I doubt he even covered his fuel costs.

A stall with noodles, ad the market was closing they sell off half price. Their response, to empty the food in the bin. This a disgusting waste of food. They could have given it away.

A large bar. Why when Lincoln is saturated with binge drinking bars, Saturday full of drunken scum

I visit or pass through Lincoln atvkesdt once a week. No publicity, no mention from anyone.

Contrast this junk foodctravesty with thececcellnt street food market in Sleaford last Saturday.


.. to be continued …

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