Lincoln coronavirus free for all day fifty-three

Another hot day 24C but not as hot as previous two days when as hot as Athens.

Thunderstorms for early hours then heavy rain in the afternoon, but neither materialised.

Second day after second dose of coronavirus vaccine. Could barely manage to walk through city centre to catch Walk and Ride bus.

Today not going past Lincoln Cathedral due to Lincoln University graduation.

Noticed side door to Lincoln Cathedral open. Free entry. Never found Treasury open ehivh was a bonus.

pleasant day to sit outside Bailgate Deli. No food. Kitchen catastrophe?

Scampi at Elite on the Bail, preferred by an oyster. Scampi and chips not good and nor cheap. Stick to the haddock and chips.

ice cream from ice cream parlour.

Walked through Lincoln Castle to Stokes at The Lawn.

Pleasant to sit outside Stokes at The Lawn on a earn day, peaceful and quite but the coffee terrible. The tea is better.

Walked back through Lincoln Castle down Steep Hill

Guest coffee from Mind the Cup at Madame Waffle . The aroma from the grinder I could smell the other side of the country. Amazing espresso

looked in bookshop picked up Jamie Oliver latest cook book only published last week. As I feared, meals for families. I can always give away as a present.

in N&S a couple of weeks ago Fever Tree one of the lines the sold off to reduce stock.

in same shelf location end of aisle, M&S clone. at first glance would mistake for Fever Tree.

Waitrose a couple of years ago pulled this stunt, copes of hotel Chocolat. They are forced to pull from the shelves. Now Waitrose have Jifel Chocolat on sale end of aisle. Part of the cal?

Walking though earlier I had noticed stalls. I investigated.

Junk food travelling circus back.

The firts thing I noticed was a massive generative belching out toxic fumes. One would have been bad enough, there were several.

Disgusting junk food. The only stall of quality a guy selling vodka. He has obviously had s bad day. He pleaded with me to try.

Chinese noodle stall, market closing, why not sell off half price

Hey refused. Then tree in the bin. They could have given it away

… to be continued …

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