Lincoln farmers market

Lincoln farmers market third Saturday of the month.

A warm muggy afternoon, heavy rain forecast.

Walked through Lincoln Central Market en route to farmers market.

Fruit and vegetables stall appears to have pulled out before the end of the month.

Coffee truck is also leaving end of the month.

Useless jobsworth who mismanages the market has done an excellent job destroying the market.

Hopped on Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral.

Farmers market is busy. But then Bailgate and Steep Hill very busy.

Stocked up from cheese stall, including Stichleton and unpasteurized milk.

A chat with Lincoln Gin. I recommend a stall at Sleaford Street Food and Artisan Market at Mlllstream Square. Will be there, first Saturday of September.

Lunch at Elite on the Bail.

Walk down Steep Hill, coffee at Bunty’s Tea Room. So-so but what I expected, a tea room not a coffee shop.

Down in the city centre, drunken scum. Even for a Saturday, bad.

Espresso at Madame Waffle.

Service in M&S Food Hall bad, even by their usual piss-poor standards. No tills manned, queue for self-service tills, angry customers.

Heavy rain was forecast. Luckily did not arrive.


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