Faith in Nature offering big discounts to Big Business

Faith in Nature not playing fair. Big Business offered big discounts, the retail price less than what Indy retailers paying.

Plastic Free July drawing to an end. It is reasonable to expect Faith in Nature to be supporting small businesses that buy in bulk, offer refill, reducing plastic pollution. But apparently not.

Oxfam Shop, Faith in Nature and Bio D (not encountered before) 20% off.

Next I visit a zero waste shop to refill with Ecoleaf washing up liquid (Suma own brand) to learn the 20% off is cheaper than the zero waste shop can obtain from Faith in Nature.

Something very wrong here. Plastic Free July, encourage less use of plastic, but not Faith in Nature who would rather encourage use of plastic by offering big discount to Big Business charity but not to local Indy businesses.

Bio D very strong containers, made from recycled plastic. Very good for reuse and refilling. What are the contents like? That I do not know. Nor do I know if supply in bulk for refill.

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