Roastworks The Espresso

Roastworks espresso blend. OK, but not great.

Flavour notes were not as described, improved as cooled, citrus and blackcurrant.

The pods jet black. How does this impact on recycling?

I watch carefully first pods brewed for problems. It should be a constant stream of coffee. Briefly water flowed, coffee flowed, stopped, flowed. Not a good sign, a sign of capsule malfunction. Either channelling or bypass of capsule, could be both.

Examining the capsule, caved in on one side (very rare for aluminium capsules), possibly a problem with piercing the end with three holes. The front a matrix of holes as should be expected.

A batch problem, design flaw with capsules?

5 034718 062031
best before: 12/2021 0514 A 20:52:54

Caved in side, will this effect extraction of spent coffee grounds? No problem with gadget from Hotel Chocolat.

I checked another capsule, did not try brewing, the end pierced by holes was dented. This damage would not have occurred in the box.

Malfunction of third party capsules in a Nespresso machine is common, so common appears to be a design flaw to prevent use of third party capsules. In an Opal One rare, so rare, that when it happens it is always the capsule malfunctioning.

Recommended brew, 25g, too many fail to mention, which is not very helpful.

Good advice on brewing.

  • use fresh filtered water
  • run a shot to to heat and clean the brew heads
  • 25g extraction

I would expand on this, Britta water filter minimum, though better a Peak water filter, shake capsule before dropping into the machine, pull a shot when capsule ejected before turning off machine to clean the heads. Though a limit to what can add on a box, but could be on their website.

Information on the coffee, more to be found on their website.

Next, try Roastworks The Truth.

I would not not recommend but not a coffee of first choice.

Note: A couple of days later, I tried the capsule with dented end. No problem with brewing, flavour notes blacurrant. 

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