Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and sixty-three

Last week I passed by a pop up vaccination centre. Today I thought, I would get vaccinated. Nothing there.

A buis to Waitrose on the outskirts of the city, en route to Market Rasen. A large store, very quiet. I did not need anything. I ended up spending loose change short of sixty pounds.

Half a dozen different boxes of coffee capsules, including Waitrose, plus a bag of Unuion Yayu Forest coffee, wild coffee from Ethiopia.

Bus back innto Lincoln, lunch at Bailgate Deli. Luckily not the ultra-processed vegan crap I had been warned of last week. I had falafel and salad. Each visti the salad different.

Walked down Steep Hill into city centre. Packed, too many people. Too many drunken scum. Each week it gets worse.

I would have sat outside Madame Waffle, but I would have been paddling. Something splilt, then swilled down.

I carried on and sat ouside Coffee Aroma.

I just made the bus with seconds to spare.

Later, I tried Roastworks, espresso blend. OK, but not great. Flavour notes were not as described, improved as cooled, citrus and blackcurrant. The pods jet black. How does this impact on recycling? I watch carefully first pods brewed for problems, It should be a constant stream of coffee. Briefly water flowed, coffee flowed, stopped, flowed. Not a good sign, a sign of capsule malfunction. Either channelling or bypass of capsule, coud be both. Examining the capsule, caved in on one side (very rare for aluminium capsules), possibly a problem with piercing the end with three holes. The front a matrix of holes as should be expected. Caved in side, will this effect exraction of spent coffee grounds?

Malfunction of third party capsules in a Nespresso machine is common, so common appears to be a design flaw to prevent use of third partyy capsules. In an Opal One rare, so rare, that when it happens it is always the cpasule malfunvcioning.

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