Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and twenty-five

A fleeting late afternoon visit into Lincoln.

Heavy rain had stopped, I decided to make the most of a break in the rain with a late afternoon trip into Lincoln.

Bus station busy, busiest have seen, but the town empty.

I looked in Hotel Chocolat, they now sell coffee, I said I would pop back.

My reason for a visit, Madame Waffle opened today. I was surprised to find no coffee from Square Mile, they are now roasting their own.

It was then back to Hotel Chocolat. An e-mail a couple of days ago, they are roasting their own coffee, available as bags of coffee beans and as aluminium coffee capsules, plus a gadget to extract spent coffee grounds. Somewhat disingenuous to claim unique to Hotel Chocolat as Dualit extractor gadget on sale in Lakeland and on Amazon. The information on their website on coffee freshness incorrect.

As a VIP customer, with a five pound voucher to spend, I bought three packs of coffee capsules and the extractor tool.

Looking in M&S Food Hall I was pleasantry surprised to find yogurt in glass jars, especially as M&S together with Waitrose one of the worst offenders for overpackaging and obscene use of plastic. I tapped the jar, yes it was glass.  I raised with one of the girls. She said no, not new, but agreed a step in the right direction.

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