Paprika beef with wild garlic and mushrooms

Potatoes scrubbed, cut smaller, pan of slightly salted boiling water, simmer for 20 minutes

Mushrooms sliced, popped in a frying pan with slosh of extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil and chopped thyme.

Escalopes of beef thinly sliced, mushrooms removed from the pan, beef added, another slosh of oil.

Beef seared both sides, paprika added, a little salt, once seared and brown, mushrooms back in the pan.

Add to pan, wild garlic, thyme.

Add to pan, crème fraiche.

Simmer for around five minutes, then ready to serve.


Suggestions: Wait until new potatoes and fresh peas in season, for the cream could add Greek yoghurt, sirloin steak cut into strips.

Jamie Oliver a useful guide (though not the same).

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