Opening the box Colonna capsules and coffee

Midweek, a box from Colonna. Very neatly packed, well designed box.


  • two bags of coffee
  • Panama Geisha Nespresso capsules

My order was for the capsules, though at the time I did not know Panama Geisha, all I knew a rare lot. The bags of coffee to make up the order to over twenty pounds to avoid postage charges.

Ordered Friday the previous week, dispatched Monday, delivered Wednesday.

If order two bags of beans the price drops.

  • Sitio Nossa Senhora
  • Maria Rosa Oidor

The pods Panama Geisha, this I only learned on opening the box. The beans were listed as rare Static Cherry, the name refers to the processing of the beans. Only on reading the card, did I learn were Panama Geisha.

These were also released as beans (already sold). Why not release simultaneously, can then compare?

The rare static cherry sourced from Creativa Coffee District who source from neighbouring farms. What is unusual a long fermentation process of up to 72 hours, each bag of coffee is fermented separately, each will have its own unique microbes.

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