Opal One

Can an Nespresso machine brew excellent coffee?

Yes and no.

A couple of years ago at The Underdog, i was shocked to find a Nespresso machine. I was offered a coffee from the machine. I am no great fan of espresso, I  find too strong, too harsh, but an excellent coffee, I will enjoy,. My reaction on what I was given was wow, I could not believe how good. A 60 euro Nespresso machine was capable of brewing excellent coffee, but not using original Nespresso capsules. The capsules, Panama Geisha, 30 euros for 18 capsules.

A couple of days later I was at the flagship Nespresso store in Kolanaki. I asked for their best coffee. I was served vile undrinkable coffee. I learnt internally all the Nespresso machines were the same.

Two things therefore learnt, the cheapest Nespresso machine can brew excellent coffee, if and only if, use high quality coffee from third party coffee roasteries.



But we can go one better, an Opal One.

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood has given further food for thought on the use of capsules.

Capsules offer optimum grind, optimum freshness, in an oxygen-free environment. The design of the capsule determines the flow rate and extraction.

On unboxing, \i thought a little gaget was missing. I found in the bin for spent capsules. Tis si uded to prime the OPal One.

But first, rinse out the water tank with tap water a couokle of times.

Next fusg through on hearting cycle.

I was going to calibate but tgen thoughtm let;s slect short espereoss to flushm weigh what comes out.

Driop ray removed, cu in place on Hario scales.

Over 30g need to calibarte.

Refiled water tank with M&S Highland Water.

Popped in a compsotable caplue from Kiss the Hippo, Georde Street blends.

Watching the coffee to put through as would expect lovely brown coulour, no evidence of channeling or bypassing the vcapsule.

I found too strong and harsh. At this conjuctite a confession, I am no gteat fan of espresso, but will enjoy an expetional coffee.

Extarction only 17.5g.

My first mistake, I calinated with no capsule in palce.

I reste the machien to factory settings. Then set to highest tempratture setting.

Annoying kn way ko knowing yemperarture or pressure.

Another George St blend from Kiss the Hippo.

THis tiem clse as I would get if I ewere to calibate to 25g.

I agan fiind stron and harsh. How it comaspres with Georde St blend serves as eszpresso at Kiss the Hippo in George Street in Richmond  do not know.

SEcond mistake I made, I did no shake the capsule as recommended by Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood .

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