Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day eighty

A lovely warm sunny spring day, though in the shade, in the wind, cool.

Lincoln Central Bus Station deserted.

Back way up Steep Hill.

I look in Bookstop Cafe. Cafe was closed on Tuesday. Thanked for directing a delivery on Tuesday to Imperial Teas. I ask why do not have some of the items from Imperial Teas on sale. Good idea. Do not know. But hopefully will be open within a couple of weeks.

Shop selling Lincolnshire produce not open. Last time I passed by said open Thursday Friday and Saturday,

Look in Lincoln Eco Pantry. I recommend from where to obtain pasta. Also suggest jute bags from Stokes at the Lawn, make into tote bags.

I learn from Redhill Farm Shop that a farmers market did not take place last weekend. This is the third month no farmers market.

Fish n chips from Elite on the Bail.

Excellent cappuccino from Coffee Aroma.

Surprised to find specialty coffee on sale in M&S. Though they have started selling single origin chocolate. Out of curiosity I pick up a bag, Rwanda Sholi.

I have missed the bus, I take my time, have a wander around.

Peanut butter. Bulked out with sunflower oil and palm oil. Coconut milk, additives. That from Riverford coconut milk, nothing else.

No till manned, not a single till manned. A lady beckons me over to the self-service and check through the shopping.

I raise with a suit. I am told I am at fault for not getting a member of staff to man the tills. Easy to see why M&S a failing retailer service an alien concept.

— to be continued —

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