Green Thai Pork and Lemongrass

One of two dishes from Riverford

Opening the box, no lemongrass. I decided to go ahead anyway.

More complicated than I anticipated, though by no means difficult. More a case of unfamiliarity.

Prepped everything before cooking.

Basmati rice, about two-thirds of a mug, added a mug and a half of boiling water, brought to the boil and left to simmer for twenty minutes.

Medium hot pan, splash of extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil. Add minced pork, brown.

Slowly add the remainder of ingredients, all finely chopped. But first add the Thai paste. Only one sachet. Two were in the box.

Required only half a tin of coconut milk, but what to do with half a can? Added the whole can.

Slowly simmer.

Drain the rice, add to plate, add everything from the pan.

I expected a disaster, turned out quite well. Very tasty.

The absence of lemongrass? The difference I do not know.

I have to admit, no resemblance to any Thai dish I have eaten.

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