Riverford is a collective of organic farmers and growers, originally a veg box scheme, now also deliver recipe boxes.

The first thing notice with Riverford is the level of professionalism, cf amateurish Mindful Chef.

Order before 2345 Wednesday night, will be delivered Friday. When on Friday depends on the route taken. What is on offer changes each week.

Order more than one recipe, and a discount kicks in. Free delivery. Mindful Chef no discount for additional dishes, obliged to order at least three, with Riverford can order a single dish and still get free delivery.

Unlike Mindful Chef, Riverford does not default to subscription scam.

Riverford delivery is by their own drivers from a local farm, the route determined to minimise fuel consumption.

Today, it was drizzling with rain all morning. Delivery instructions followed, leave on a bench at the rear of the property. A neat touch, enclosed in a plastic bag to keep dry. Contrast Mindful Chef, cowboy courier service DPD, delivery instructions ignored, dumped on back doorstep in the pouring rain during Storm Christoph, then lied where left. Found four hours later, one soggy box.

The Riverford box impressive, clearly a lot of thought has gone into its design. Holes in the side to enable easy to lift and carry. Lid tucked in, no sticky plastic tape. Inside, at the top the cool items, wrapped in sheep’s wool, not until I looked later, ice to keep contents cool, below a separate area with a card partition, vegetables and dried goods neatly packed. Contrast with Mindful Chef, stuck down with plastic tape, everything appeared to be tossed in, overpackaging, obscene use of plastic.

Riverford a couple of items, for example the meat, plastic packaging, but since January, plant-based biodegradable plastic for their vegetables, but in my box, spring greens and cabbage loose.

The quality of what was inside the box excellent, organic, fresh and locally sourced. The meat details of source, when packed, when slaughtered, with tracking codes. Mindful Chef, not organic, not locally sourced, not quality and too often substitution with inferior produce.

Inside two recipes for the two dishes ordered. Clear instructions, also mention of what you may need from the kitchen. What I would like to see, the recipe before ordering, though having said that, far more information provided than by Mindful Chef. Contrast with Mindful Chef, instruction are not at all clear have to read several times, and often plain wrong.

Cost wise, more or less the same for a meal for two, the big difference, Riverford far better value for money, organic fresh quality produce.

The packaging will be collected when Riverford next deliver. I only wish I had taken more care when opening the box.

The proof of the pudding is in the cooking and eating. But so far very impressed.

Two dishes ordered

  • Green Thai Pork & Lemongrass
  • Beef, Mushroom & Creme Fraiche Stroganoff

I have never before attempted either a Thai dish or stroganoff, it is going to be very interesting if not challenging.

The one minor criticism, a tiny bottle, cf a miniature, of white wine. I would rather have gone out and bought a bottle of wine wine, or paid extra and received half a bottle of white wine.

A veg box scheme I think an excellent concept, though I can never justify the demand. A recipe box I find hard to justify, if cannot get out, then maybe, but for me, the opportunity to try something new.

Riverford B Corp Certified, probably not necessary but well deserved. Mindful Chef B Corp Certified, which makes a mockery of B Corp Certification and renders it yet another worthless certification scam to greenwash Big Business.

Riverford a collective of organic farmers and growers that sustains the planet, Mindful Chef owned by a rapacious global corporation that trashes the planet and tramples over local communities.

— to be continued —-

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