Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day seventy-four

Damp wet drizzly morning, cool.

Main display at Lincoln Central Bus Station still not working.

XZro waste tsall in Lincoln Cdentral Markedt now back to normal openeing hours. One raeson tey were closing early, apart from lack of customers, lack of heating in thne market too cold.

Have in stock coffee from Kingswoda Lincolnshire raostery no one has heard of, including me. Many many poblesm with thsi coffee: beans shopied loose in plasatic tubds to b escooped out and baggrd idaeal for oxidisng the ebnas, shipped in rasnapremt palstic bags, sunlih will danage the banasm the bafs haet selaed and cannot be reasled once opened, the ben as overstasted.

I take a sampkel of 100g. Beans are brewed as V60. Undrinakable. I pur down the drain. A targedy, what coudl hbave been excelelnt beans dsiyoted by lack of knowldge of roasting.

Cappuccino a Coffee Aroma.

At bus stations, tow gangs of kids hanging around, one gan smoking. Comaplete lack of socaol dtsancing.

— to be continued —-

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