Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day fifty-one

Gale force wind blowing, cloudy, hazy sun.

February, Conningsby 18C, Hull 17C. Warm winds blowing in from North Africa. Ten degrees above seasonal average. these are temperatures would see end of May, early June.

Eight people on the bus, maybe more, I do not know if passengers on upper deck. Far more people in the bus station.

Sincil Street busy, as busy as Saturday.

Worrying. Monday, announced long slow relaxation with start in two weeks time. Holiday companies are reporting a huge surge in bookings. Unbelievable Reading and Leeds music festivals to go ahead. Greed and stupidity writ large.

Are we seeing the same stupidly we saw last August, caution thrown to the wind, followed by a massive increase in in coronavirus?

Cappuccino from Angel Coffee House. Not good.

Back way up Steep Hill, Castle Hill, Bailgate, unlike Saturday, when busy with tourists, few people around, most of the eateries closed.

Haddock and chips from Elite on the Bail. Eat outside in the little square.

Looked in Lincoln Eco Pantry. Pleased I did, long chat with the owner. Pleased to learn once shop has got rid of Tony’s Chocolonely will not restock due to their slave trade links. What a pity others do not show same standard of ethics. I advised check out Luisa’s and Bullion.

Too late to pay a visit to Stokes at the Lawn.

Looked in Vines. No bread I fancied.

Excellent cappuccino from Coffee Aroma.

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