Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day forty-two

For over a week, snow on the ground, during the day temperature barely above zero, at night plunging. Last night, slowly warming up, rain. Morning, snow washed away during the day, sunny, around 10C.

Today more traffic, far more people out in the city centre, too many.

Lincoln was running a little below 300 covid-19 cases a day, last week has as managed less than 100 cases a day, now likely to start rising.

Groups of people, lots of kids. Why kids? Should kids not be in school. Yes, schools are in lockdown but kids should be home, home schooling.

In butchers, an idiot, one sausage roll ordered, palms of hands on counter.

I asked butcher to sanitise. Butcher told me of earlier, a child running its tongue along the front of display cabinet. What stupid parent permits, what infection child picks up, leaves?

I wanted half a pound of pork mince, butcher showed me. No not sufficient, add half again, now too much, take a little off. For Asian meatballs.

Looked in 200 Degrees. Staff told me steady trickle of customers.

Caught zero waste store before closed. Today opening later. Random opening times not good.

I mentioned Tony’s chocolate, poor quality industrial chocolate, manufacturing outsourced, links to slavery. It sells.

Tomatoes and one chili pepper off fruit and veg stall. Chili pepper for Asian meat balls.

Look in sweet shop, first day open. Had work to do, may as well leave door open and let money flow in in through the door.

To Grape Tree. I want miso paste, only place that stocks. Ideally white, only have brown. Again for Asian meatballs.

Cappuccino off Coffee Aroma.

Woman on bus tells me shoe does not mind lots of people around as she has been vaccinated. I point out no, she has not been vaccinated, she has had her first dose, still vulnerable. I could have added, and you are spreading coronavirus. This raises the question of people going false sense of security, as we saw last summer, then we are back in lockdown.

Imbecile Member of Parliament for Lincoln is calling for immediate end to knockdown everything to reopen.

Press conference, Pepsi Trump said relaxation of lockdown no time soon. When it happens, slowly slowly, pause three weeks between each stage to appraise. Finally, after tens of thousands of deaths we are going to implement what I and others have been calling for for months.

We need to close or towns and city centres to traffic, pedestrianise the streets. As the weather warms up, indie restaurants and coffee shops, socially distanced tables in the street. Win win for everyone kicks starts the local economy, help local businesses, improves city centre ambiance.

Finally starting from 4am this morning, border controls which are not tough enough. Arrivals from 30 countries mandatory hotel quarantine, everyone else, hop onto public transport, carry on with their journey, self-isolate when reach destination.

Only citizens and residents should be allowed in. Everyone should be take into 14 day mandatory quarantine.

Chatting with a Bulgarian citizen last week. She flew in from Portugal. No border controls at airport, has been traveling around meeting up with friends. She also told ne, people are crossing from Portugal into Spain, then travelling onward from Spain.

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