Mindful Chef frozen meals DPD delivery

Last month a delivery by DPD of a Mindful Chef recipe box, dumped on back door first day of heavy rain during Storm Christoph. Not a good start, especially as order should have been delivered Sunday of the previous week.

Once again, a failure of delivery by DPD of a Mindful Chef delivery. Failed on first delivery this is only my second delivery and failed again.

Yesterday, a very long conversation with a helpful young fellow at Mindful. Part of that discussion was failure of previous delivery, dumped on back doorstep in the rain during storm Christoph, delivery driver lied where delivered.  To ensure did not happen again, I gave very clear instructions for delivery:.

Two of the issues raised:

  • unable to log into account
  • question the hike in price of minimum order for frozen meals from £24 to £36 a big jump

Until I tried to order frozen meals, I was not aware there was a problem. My account did not even appear to exist.

What of the £20 credited my account for previous failures?

My account apparently did exist, but not able to log in. To be resolved.

Credit of £20. No, not showing. Once again, credit it to my account, or so I was assured. I was not though able to verify as unable to log in.

Place Order. Very clear instructions for delivery.


  • leave on bench seat at back of house
  • do not call at house
  • leave card in door


  • call at house and hand to resident
  • if no one home follow instructions for morning

Instructions could not have been clearer, nevertheless instructions were completely ignored. Left at the front, in the sun, in full view of the street, called at the house, no card left in letter box.

The box was rescued twenty minutes later. The side of the box warm where in the sun. Box not cold as would expect during sub-zero temperatures. I raised yesterday my concerns delivery not by food delivery trucks.

Delivery driver lied where box left, not left in front porch, as photo taken by driver shows.

Box relocated to back of house on bench seat as my instructions.

Three hours later the box was checked. It was cold, which only serves to confirm my concern not using refrigerator trucks. Alarmed to find warning dry ice, I opened very very carefully. There was no dry ice. Warm delivery van.

Use of courier service not specialist food delivery company, for example Ocado, raises another issue, that of food hygiene.

Lentil moussaka taken out of the box, popped in the fridge, to be cooked in the oven later.

No problem with the lentil moussaka and no it is not moussaka but was delicious nevertheless and no nasty additives.

As dusk approached, box brought into the house, contents placed in the freezer.

I thought no dry ice. I found down the side of the box. Two items horizontal three items sideways, between them and side of the box two pouches with dry ice. The warning should clearly stated this. I had ice burn on my fingers.

Packed badly. The two pouches should not have been side by side, one should have be either side of the contents for optimum cooling of contents.

E-mail Mindful Chef. No response.

Call Mindful Chef. Third call, second call in as many days. Each time on hold, many queries. Queries or complaints?  Insulted whilst on hold, robot message try e-mailing.

Eventually get a human. Previous helpful, not this time, rude, abrupt, tries to claim there is not a problem with deliveries. Er, twice in a row, only two deliveries, that is 100% failure.

He offers to refund my delivery. No such offer previous failed DPD delivery dumped in the rain during Storm Christoph.

Following phone call, I receive e-mail to say I had been credited the sum of my delivery. Hold on a minute, did I not have twenty pounds credit, why was I charged £29-97 which was then refunded? Where has my twenty pound credit gone?

Something I learnt was that Mindful Chef operate two accounts, one for recipe boxes. one for frozen meals, which may explain why I could not log in. What if a customer orders smoothies, does that go through a third account?

I have tried posting the problem through social media. I am blocked. They can bombard me with unwanted posts, but I can not post or comment.

Every time I open facebook, there is Mindful Chef in my face, scroll a short distance, Mindful Chef. I was receiving junk e-mail every day, but thankfully stopped a few days ago. Others have complained, text messages, nuisance phone calls.

Mindful Chef are paranoid, any critical comment deleted, person making the comment blocked.

Mindful Chef are not an ethical company as their greenwash would want us to believe. Mindful Chef is owned by Nestlé, but paranoid any mention of. No mention on their website, or the literature they send out. Post on social media a Nestle company, deleted, then blocked. Nestle ethical in the same breath is an oxymoron.

Mindful Chef operate a secret Facebook group, so secret a search does not find it. Post a  critical comment, for example flaws in one of their recipes, comment deleted, blocked.

There is a another secret group facebook group Mindful Chef Cancelers, yes I know, very silly name.  This consists of dissatisfied if not angry Mindful Chef customers.

An example of how angry Jenny Xanthe:

I’m so furious! I have left them a bad Google review and intend to do so with every format I can find – I understand that they will probably get a lot of new customers as the result of this deal but I feel like there should be more of an impact on their business than a few of us leaving!

But most of the time it is discussing Nestle ownership or alternative recipe box schemes. The obvious, actually go out and buy ingredients to cook with too blindingly obvious.

Update: A day later no response to my e-mail, not even an acknowledgement, neither to my conversation the previous day cannot access my account. To add insult to injury, I do receive an e-mail, junk e-mail promoting how healthy their frozen meals. Nor a response to tweet highlighting failed delivery. They do not care. Any criticism is deleted, those who post blocked. This is a cowboy operation.

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