Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day thirty-one

Day starts off sunny.

I miss a bus, decide to take a walk down Ferry Lane to the River Witham.


I cross Sincil Drain, it is running high, not yet overflowed the embankments. It appears to be higher than the River Witham, but that may be an optical illusion, It is two to three times wider taha its usual width.

Catch next bus.

A chat with the butcher. How to pigs in blankets? Wrap streaky bacon around a sausage. OK, what of wrapped around chicken thighs? No problem, yes can do for me. I explain the dish from Jamie Oliver from last Friday, Friday Night Feast at end of South End Pier on Channel 4. He is interested. Now, obtain long skewers.

It was suggested Monday, not sure where suggestion came from, try Boyes. I am surprised to learn they are open, anyway give them a go.

Boyes empty space. Are you closing down? Yes, last day day Saturday. But no stock reduced. It will be sent to other stores. Rumour,  may open a store elsewhere in Lincoln.

Do they have skewers. Possibly not, but yes.

Excellent half a dozen stainless steel long skewers. We are in business.

Too late for zero waste store. They close early at one. I am in luck, closing as I arrive.

River Witham high, muddy, flowing fast.

Cappuccino Coffee Aroma. I mention coffee podcast. Please post. Will do.

Quick whiz around M&S Food Hall. As many buying clothes, or at least browsing, as food. Why not have kitchen equipment in the clothes section?

Just make bus.

Now cold, misty.

I am lucky, miss the heavy rain that arrives later.

— to be continued —

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