Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day twenty-one

Last two nights hard frost, this morning sunny day, frosty, by midday frost melted away in the sun.

Town centre deserted.

Pick up loin pork chop to pair with so-called Valentine steak from Mindful Chef.

Christmas cake from Curtis, a bargain at less than half price.

Hop on the Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral. Too cold to walk down the side of the Cathedral

Half a dozen eggs from Redhill Farm shop. No ham, no sausage rolls.

Curtis no ready meals. Maybe Tuesday.

I forgot, pop back to farm shop. There will be not famers market on Saturday, no farmers market February.

Walk down Steep Hill. Not a soul to be seenn Steep Hill, The Strait, top end of the High Street.

One of the few places open Bookstop Cafe, but custmoers a rare sight.

I decide not to have a coffee from Coffee Aroma, I will then have time to pop in M&S Food Hall an catch a bus.

No sausgae rolls left in Pepperdine’s

Be careful what you wish for. On my way to bus station, I fancy a coffee. Be careful what one wish for. I am about to board the bus, realsie no glasses. Where are they? M&S.

Back to M&S, pick up glasses, then to Coffee Aroma for a coffee.

— to be continued —


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