Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day twenty-five

Friday Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day twenty-five.


Difficult to tell, at times more people around than last week at other times about the same.

Too many stupid people out on the streets, and that is why we are seeing record daily death toll far worse than the first lockdown, that and lockdown too late and the rules of lockdown too lax.

Why do people have to go around in twos and threes and more?

Pepperdine’s local family butcher. Limit of three people. Two covidiots walk in as a couple.

I looked at the steaks. The sirloin steak looked good. I will wait until late spring or early summer, steak with new potatoes and garden peas.

Curtis shelves almost stripped bare. I was pleased to see they have started bringing back their ready meals. Their Lincolnshire sausage mash and peas and cottage pies are excellent.

I was pleased to find fishmonger in Central Market open. Only open Friday and Saturday.

Soup mix from zero waste store. To form stock for tomato soup. I was advised soak overnight. Red pepper off fruit and vegetable stall and tomatoes. I already have tomatoes overripe and past their best, with these and the red pepper first roasted in the oven I will attempt tomato soup.

Two people hanging around fruit and vegetate stall, not wearing masks, then as I leave, woman hanging around in the doorway smoking.

Most of the market taped off and yet stall holders are still being charged rent. Why?

River Witham running very high, fast and muddy. Storm Christoph heavy rain for three days, though apart from Wednesday night missed Lincoln, but the catchment areas and the ground saturated.

Few people around in the High Street.

Walked through The Stonebow and up the High Street. Nothing open apart from Caffe Nero and Greggs, both empty. Do we really need another Greggs? Appalling the  poster in the window of Greggs encouraging people to party.

Madame Waffle closed since tier 3. No indication when or if it will ever reopen.

Popped in Curtis, They had what I wanted.

Coffee from Coffee Aroma. Drank in a sunny stop by The Stonebow.

To M&S Food Hall. Not crowded. But why only one till manned. People wish to shop and get out. To remain in store is a risk.

Coconuts shrink-wrapped in plastic.

Appalling large posting in the window promoting a Sale.

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