Denver steak with harissa chickpea and pea shoot salad

First impression on opening the Mindful Chef recipe box, too much plastic, second impression, recipes too complicated. Not separating out the steps leads to confusion, I had to read several times to ensure I had it correct.

One reason I do not buy meat from a supermarket, apart from the poor quality, packaged in plastic. I buy from a local family butcher, choose what I want.

Denver steak? I thought the dish. It is the cut, cf rump or sirloin steak.

I had to read the instructions several times as not all that clear. It would help if the various steps were laid out as separate steps, not jumbled together.

The instructions for cooking the steak are wrong and should be ignored. I would not cook a steak one side, then cook the other side, each side for three or more minutes.

A splash of oil in the frying pan. Use high quality olive oil or rapeseed oil. I did have picked up in Athens the very first green oil from Lesbos, first of the season, 10 euros a bottle. The rapeseed oil, extra virgin, cold pressed, is of similar high quality.

Keep turning the steak every minute, but first prepare the steak. Cover each side with olive oil or rapeseed oil, then rub into both sides salt and pepper. But first take the steak out of the fridge and allow to reach room temperature.

When steak half way cooked, add the chickpeas, which have been drained and rinsed.

A little before removing the steak, trail the coriander through the juices, brush the streak, then chop and add to the chickpeas in the pan.

Leave steak to rest, then slice.

Salad and dressing prepared in parallel whilst cooking the steak. The tahini aubergine mezze mixed in a dish with a little water and rapeseed oil added, seasoned with black pepper and salt. I did not add juice of half a lemon as what to do with half a lemon? Baffled why called a mezze, as a meze or mezze is a meal of several small dishes.

The steak I cooked too long, I prefer medium rare, which may explain why it was tough, though it was tasty.

The chickpeas I burnt slightly. Maybe cooked too long, maybe added a little more oil.

The tomatoes were of poor quality, little taste. I would have chosen a superior variety with taste for example piccolini.

The steak, the dish was for one person, not sufficient for two people. The salad was more than sufficient, and had left over half a baby cucumber and a few tomatoes.

I was going to wash down with Brew Dog Punk IPA but forgot to get a bottle out of the fridge.

If I cooked the dish again, I would wait until the spring, then modify the dish.

  • steak from a local butcher
  • Jersey or English new potatoes with lashings of butter
  • fresh picked garden peas

Comparable with a steak from Wetherspoon, where the cost would have been around £8-50 including a pint of real ale, though quality varies considerably at Wetherspoon.

Not comparable with steak at rooftop restaurant The Athens Gate overlooking The Acropolis and Temple of Zeus. But then the cost around 30 euros.

The recipe unnecessarily  complicated. Maybe that is part of the illusion, giving value for money when paying more than double the cost of the ingredients.

How easy could a steak and salad be than that cooked by Laura Angelia?

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