French press compared with V60 pour over

Interesting comparison by James Hoffmann between French Press and V60 pour over.

If coffee cupping, standard weight, standard grind, quickly fill all cups from a large kettle of boiling waster, wait four minutes, remove the surface crust, taste.

If we assume four minutes between each brew, we are going to see a temperature gradient along the cups. What difference will this make?

We know if we allow a V60 pour over to cool, it improves as it cools. If we ignore the extremes, grind too course or too fine, then maybe the temperature difference can be ignored.

When were the beans roasted?

Maybe I should have bought a Gina. The tap I can close for immersion. And I can use as a cold drip tower.

It would be interesting to see how a Japanese syphon compares.

The conclusion to be drawn: With V60 a little leeway either side of ideal grind size for optimum extraction, with French press less fussy on grind size.

James Hoffmann demonstrating his French press technique.

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