JAVA Coffee Roasters

Interesting insight into JAVA Coffee Roasters located in Poland although I disagree coffee a human right when we have atrocious abuses of human rights around the world though I would agree we all deserve better coffee.

In England we are lucky, every town has two or three specialty coffee shops where they care about and serve excellent coffee.

When you find one, ask and they will advise of others. We can all help, when find an excellent coffee shop, spread the word, especially important when everyone is struggling to stay afloat serving takeaway coffee during lockdown.

I try my best with The Little Bicycle Coffee Shop.

We also have many excellent coffee roasteries which as with coffee shops always a pleasure to visit. The dark side too many roasteries churning out disgusting coffee beans.

A coffee roastery three essentials, beans, equipment and skill.

I would disagree Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Maybe ten twenty years ago, but now there is far better coffee around. I like though the wooden barrels the coffee is shipped in.

JAVA Coffee Roasters not a coffee roastery I have encountered.

We all deserve good coffee. There is too much bad coffee around.

Independent coffee shops are located down the side streets word of mouth.

Lockdown has helped independent coffee shops, people are moving away from the corporate chains serving bad coffee.

Lockdown has also helped coffee roasteries as people are not going into the office every day instead working from home, or on furlough and told to stay home to stop the spread of coronavirus, people are brewing coffee at home.

In England the big three corporate coffee chains, Starbucks and Costa have closed coffee shops in city centres, Caffe Nero has gone into administration.

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