Lincoln coronavirus tier 4 day one

Last two nights minus 4, hard frost, this morning very hard frost, barely above zero if at all all day, misty.

Lincoln fairly deserted, as it should be.

Nearly all shops closed.

Sincil Street deserted, only butcher, coffee shop, baker open.

I looked in 200 Degrees. Why reusable cups on sale? If on sale customers will expect to be able to bring in reusable cups. I queried this, no one should be using reusable cups. If someone brings a reusable cup, they fill a takeaway cup, up to the customer to then fill their own reusable cup. Somewhat self-defeating. 200 Degrees should ban use of reusable cups, withdraw from sale.

Follow example of Coffee Aroma:

  • only one customer
  • contactless payment
  • takeaway cups
  • no reusable cups

Reusable coffee cups introduce an unnecessary disease vector putting staff and clientele at risk. Banned by reputable coffee shops where they take covid-19 seriously and do their best to protect everyone.

Only one stall open in Central Market, zero waste store

Wilkinsons open. Why? Even worse, promoting New Year Sale.

Stokes on High Bridge closed for renovation, has been for last couple of weeks if not longer, but I have seen no sign of renovation taking place.

I regret I did not pop up to Franklin to say goodbye. Their last day, 70 years in businesses.

I know when I walked through The Stonebow I had a reason to walk up the High Street but could not remeber what.

The top end of the High Street dominated by binge drinking bars.

Waterstones closed yesterday at a7-30. Were staff forced to stay late, as would have had very short notice. If reliant on public transport would not have got home as few buses run after seven.

Looking through The Stonebow down the High Street an almost Dickensian scene.

Coffee from Coffee Aroma. I spilled in the street outside. Cold fingers.

M&S Food Hall horrendous coronavirus death trap. Staff are understandably worried, some are frightened. No one should be subject to these unsafe working conditions. Union must act to reduce numbers.

Only tow of us on he bus.

— to be cointinued ====

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