Lincoln coronavirus tier 3 day twenty-eight

Very little traffic into the city centre, Central Bus Station deserted and yet far more people on the streets tan before Christmas, and too many idiots for who social distancing the ability to count is beyond them.

Lakeland relatively busy, I say relatively as usually empty. If the pair of espresso cups were reduced I may be tempted to buy.

Sincil Street many more people, the High Street also busy though no queues outside shops, maybe packed inside.

River Witham still muddy and flowing fast, but not like last week.

Walk to the top of the High Street.

Shocked to find Franklin closing down. Sadly all that will be left in top of the High Street charity shops and binge drinking bars, another one due to open soon.

See a sign for The Cheese Society. It was not open all summer. They tell me not worth opening as little footfall and most of their custom is on-line. They may not be open in the New Year. Usually busy when I look in. Today no busy, which makes their point.

The little tea shop open. I pop in and say hello. I mention an interesting tea making device I had recently seen. Aware of but too expansive to have on sale.

Walking back down, complete lack of social distancing at bankrupt Caffè Nero.

Cappuccino from Coffee Aroma.

Walking past Oxfam Bookshop, reusable coffee cups on sale in the window not good. No reputable coffee shop will accept. Introduces a disease vector putting staff and clientele at risk.

Today new coronavirus cases exceed 53,000, up 12,000 on the previous day. The country should have been in tier 4 at least a week ago. Should now be in lockdown.

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