Lincoln coronavirus tier 3 day twenty-one

Coronavirus out of control, a new mutation highly infectious spreading like wildfire, Lincoln new cases for the last week more than double the national average and it is all too easy to see why.

Too many idiots on the streets, idiots who are incapable of counting when there is a limit on the number in the shops, who seem incapable of comprehending what social distancing means, who for some perverse reason have to walk into a shop two people or more.

Queue outside the butcher, decide not to wait, on to the baker, another queue. It appears to be a day of queues.

One person outside the baker. I ask are they in a queue? No. Inside more idiots who cannot count.

To fishmonger, zero waste store, fruit and vegetable stall. At least no queues.

Everywhere well stocked, no shortages. A different story peddled by the media of shortages and shelves stripped bare, click bait scaremongering.

Takeaway cappuccino from Coffee Aroma. A model of how it should be. Only one person allowed into the coffee shop at a time, contactless payment only, takeaway cups a necessary evil, no reusable cups.

Passing by Hotel Chocolat, too many in the shop, no social distancing.

I was warned M&S was bad and it was. Far too many people packed into the Food Hall, a coronavirus death trap putting staff and customers at risk. At least all the tills were manned a novelty for M&S.

Contrast with visits to Waitrose over the last few weeks. Occasionally a queue, but wait no longer than a few minutes, stores not crowded.

I pop into the Oxfam Bookshop. A notice on the desk by the door, Wear Face Mask. Irony lost on the man sat at the desk not wearing a mask. When requested to wear a mask, refused to do so. I am on the phone. Told to go outside. Refused. Claims not near anyone. The bookshop was crowded, another coronavirus death trap. Volunteer or staff member he should be fired.

Before walking into Oxfam Bookshop chatted to an attractive young lady in queue for Lush. An orderly queue, restrictions on numbers an example to other shops.

Return to the butcher. Only one waiting in the queue. Inside seven people. Notice outside restricts to three people.

The country should be placed into tier 4, ten day Christmas lockdown extended beyond end of January if necessary. Why delay? Why are we waiting for more people to die?

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