4 Seasons

4 Seasons greenwash writ large.

Three weeks ago Thursday, Athens lockdown day six, I passed by a small supermarket, 4 Seasons,  greenwash writ large. Proclaims environmentally friendly, the shelves tell a different story.

Everywhere in Athens, nuts and dried fruit, loose, high quality, pick what one  wants. Not in 4 Seasons. Everything packaged in plastic.  Height of plastic obscenity, coconut with shell hacked off, shrink-wrapped in plastic.

Products from Big Business, Whole Earth is not quality. Peanut butter bulked out with with palm oil. Why Whole Earth when there is local quality peanut butter?

For quality Greek food, the little deli tucked behind The Acropolis Museum, not far from Little Tree.

For cheese, a little cheesemonger around the corner from the nut and dried fruit stalls Athens Central Market. 

For quality loose nuts and dried fruits, spoilt for choice in Athens, but cannot go far wrong with the fruit and nut stalls outside Athens Central Market or the shop next to Foyer Espresso Bar (same owner).

And for freshly roasted coffee beans spoilt for choice with indy coffee shops, where a skilled baristas will advise. 

Do shoppers enter this little supermarket mesmerised by the greenwash bullshit on display then wander around with their eyes closed and not see the reality on the shelves?

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