Walk along Koile Valley

One of my favourite walks in Athens is along the Koile Valley.

From the pine woodlands at the foot of Hill of the Muses, past Church of Agios Demetrios Loubardiaris a valley opens up.

I follow a barely discernible path along he side of the valley, though more people must now walk this path as easier to follow.

I walked along the Koile Valley three weeks ago Wednesday, Athens in lockdown. A cold day, cold north east wind blowing, but sheltered from the wind in the valley.

I walked a little way into the pine woodland on the lower slopes of Hill of the Muses. Too windy to climb to the top.

One of my favourite walks in Athens, follow the footpath that runs along the side of the Koine Valley, then back the other side. Once an ancient route from Athens to the sea.

Along the valley can be observed the foundations cut into the rock of ancient dwellings, along the bottom of the valley cut into the rock an ancient water channel.

Athens can be teeming with people, always peace and quiet along the Kolne Valley, not a soul to be seen. Not today, more people than I am seeing in usually busy parts of Athens. I can only assume, in lockdown, taking a walk for exercise.

Usually I encounter wild tortoises but sadly not today.

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